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Chip Major
(225) 937-8172 Cell
(225) 752-3100 Office
Highland Rd, Baton Rouge

Chip is a U.S. Marine Corps Combat Veteran that has come back home to pursue life after the Corps. A career Marine at heart, Chip was injured during a raid of a known Taliban stronghold in Operation Khanjar, the largest helicopter born assault since Vietnam. Chip’s Unit, 2nd Battalion 8th Marines or 2/8, was chosen to be the spearhead of the invasion. 2/8 was dropped 20km behind enemy lines, where the Taliban grew its opium and Marijuana and conducted it's weapons deals free of any resistance. 2/8 reached another milestone on this epic deployment setting the record for most days in constant contact since Vietnam, with 144 days of constant fighting, with multiple engagements each day. After being behind enemy lines for 2 weeks, Chip fractured his ankle and tore all 3 ligaments and both tendons. After refusing to be put on a medivac helicopter, Chip continued the raid as well as staying with his unit for the rest of the deployment and never missed a patrol. 7 months of combat on a broken ankle proved to be too much for joints and Chip was not allowed to re-enlist as the medical examiner would not clear him for the re-enlistment physical, which ended his Military career, thus sending him home to Louisiana to pursue his goals in the civilian sector.

I loved every moment of my Military career, as there is no greater honor than that of earning the Title of “Marine.” People have often asked me how a Marine and combat skills translates to Real Estate. While the daily duties may be quite different, life in the Corps serves me very well as a REALTOR®. While the majority of my peers have spent their entire lives in their comfort zone around people similar to themselves for the most part, I have had the privilege to learn and experience many different cultures. The Military in general, but especially the Marines, is comprised of every race and culture known to man. This experience provided me a unique ability to relate to, and increase my comfort level with anyone I come to meet. Let’s face it, when it all comes down to it, life and business is about making a connection, the personal relationships. An agent can have all the knowledge and experience in the world, but if they cannot make a connection with you, all that experience and knowledge is wasted. This is where I separate from my peers. Baton Rouge is a wonderful place for family and business, it attracts people from all over the state and globe with all types of backgrounds. The close personal relationships that I have made in the Marines allows me not only to connect and relate to any client but also has provided me with the knowledge and sensitivity to guide anyone through the real estate process.

As far as my client's interests are concerned, there is no one with more integrity and that will work harder than a U.S. Marine. So if you are looking for a someone to help you through the process of buying or selling your home, choose someone you are comfortable with and that will not rest until your needs are met.

Thanks for reading a little bit about me, I look forward to meeting you and working with you, or anyone you know who may be looking to buy or sell. My personal cell is listed above, as well as the office number if you wish to leave a message. Email is always good too. I can set up a profile for your exact needs and filter out the rest. Trust me, I will make the entire process a breeze.