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10 Things Your Agent Should do to Ensure a Great Marketing Plan

  1. Compare the home to comparable ones on the market and identify its unique and most desirable features. Why would a buyer want this home more than other homes in the same price range?
  2. Take snapshots of the home's best features, and use them as a starting point for your marketing approach. Make sure they are posted on the MLS System.
  3. Ask you, the seller, what made you decide to purchase the home, and use that information to help focus on potential buyers.
  4. Research the demographics of homeowners in the neighborhood. Prospects with similar demographics will probably be the best market for the home.
  5. Review the audience demographics of various media, and use those that best match the likely demographics of potential buyers for the home.
  6. Start early. Don't wait until a week before the listing expires to get the word out.
  7. Write a brief property-marketing plan that includes specific objectives, a description of the home, a description of the target buyers for the home, and appropriate marketing media.
  8. Make a schedule for the property marketing activities throughout the listing period.
  9. Set a reasonable budget based on the activities detailed in the plan. The more costly the home, the more expensive it will be to market because a high-priced home demands top-of-the-line marketing materials.
  10. Set up systems to track the "pull" of your various property-marketing efforts. One simple method is to ask those who call or view the home how they found out about it